Tuesday, 13 March 2012


What do I need to consider before I put my house on the market?
Timing is the first thing . . .  Does your property have greater appeal at a certain time of year?  ie Seasonal.  Is there a better time of day that shows your homes features off better?

Can I sell privately?
Yes you can . . . However choosing a professional agent and agency will help expose your home to an expansive buyer pool.  Your choice of agent will also have a bearing on the result your home will achieve.

How do I choose my agent or agents?
The right agent is not easy to find . . . You need to choose an agent that possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the local market as this is imperative to have when selling the benefits to buyers that are unfamiliar with your area.  It is also wise to ascertain the agent and agencies success rate, this can be done by asking for past sellers references or letters of recommendation.  Most agencies will be happy to furnish you with these.

What is a “General” Agency?  
This is a form of listing that provides for multiple agents to participate in the sale process as well as the seller also retaining the right to sell privately.

What is a “Sole” Agency?
This is a form of listing whereby you appoint only one agent to represent you on an “exclusive” basis, and armed with the knowledge that they are in control and are responsible for the success of the sale, your chosen agent should present your home fully to the market as well as their qualified database of buyers.  This coupled with a planned marketing strategy implemented by the agency and assisted by the seller, will see your home sell faster and at a greater more satisfying price.  The greater responsibility and accountability of the agent and agency will almost guarantee this outcome.

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